Analogue and digital in equal measure

"I have the intention of creating paintings which look both analogue and digital at the same time. I like the unusual qualities, in real life, that this appearance creates."

Hand-cut, hand-crafted

"I like to work with hand-cut stencils and spray paint to transplant low-fi created digital art onto traditionally hand-built wall panels."

Subconscious inspiration

"My primary digital art looks abstract and surreal because I use my subconscious for the source of the imagery and narrative rather than copy something from reality."

"Using templates allows me to spray designs onto smaller areas and give crisp sharp edges which emulates the digital source."

"Spray paint has a lot of versatility in the way it can be applied and can be used to create beautiful graduations and unique tones. And, while using stencils might give the impression of creating multiples, like a screen print, I like to move on as an artist each time. This means each painting is only made once and is therefore completely unique."